What is
Bright Box?

Bright box is an educational activity box designed to equip parents with tools, toys, and activities to explore together with their children.

We believe that even before they were born, children are gifted with the best teachers, their parents. But oftentimes due to limited knowledge and experience, parents feel inadequate to step into the teaching role.

Bright box is created as a product that is easy and ready to use for parents and children, in order for intentional learning experiences can seamlessly occur in every home.

Designed by a team of Child Psychologists

& Experienced Educators,

each box is filled with curated toys that are specifically matched with developmentally-appropriate-activities. Each activity will provide an opportunity for children to develop their cognitive, motoric, speech & language, and social emotional skills. Learn Math, Vocabulary, Science, Constructions, Role Play, and Sensory in a way that will turn every child’s playtime into a fun bonding & learning experience.

Bright Box
based on learning

Bright Box x Moms

A collaboration project in celebrating moms as every child’s best teacher-instructor.

Selected moms will work together with our team to create bright boxes tailored to her child’s current obsession and need. We hope the children all over Indonesia will enjoy activities inspired by one mom-child team for many more mom-child teams.

Tell us your wish and we'll make it come true